Baked Lancashire

12 Mar

An inspired thought struck me last night as the wrong side of 1 am rolled around and mistress sleep eluded me once again – Baked Lancashire.

And before any Yorkshire bakers get in irate, this is no slur on the Yorkshire parkin recipe, I’m a big fan of treacle. But Baked Yorkshire? That’s a whole other dish, surely.

Based on yesterday’s Saturday Morning Kitchen’s Baked Alaska recipe (, this parkin-ified version offers greater gingery satisfaction, as well as what to do if your parkin turned our a little too dry for your liking.

(Fret not, it happens to the best of us, usually it’s been left in the oven a little too long. Try taking it out ten minutes earlier while there’s still a little gloop to the bake. As with brownies and baked cheesecake, the parkin will continue cooking as it cools)

For Baked Lancashire – Take a slab of parkin. Yes slab, there can be no mealy-mouthedness when it comes to parkin. Place on a plate and cover with two tablespoons of ginger syrup. Golden syrup will also work, but it takes longer to soak in. Alternatively, you can use liqueur – Madeira, Ameretto, spiced rum, Calvados, anything you fancy really.

Top with generous scoops of ice cream. Ginger ice cream if you can find it, or caramel. Frankly anything that takes your fancy, though probably not a fruit-based flavour.

Smother with meringue topping  and bung in a hot oven/or blow touch if you have one of those fancy-dang kitchen blow torches.

If you want a sauce, try sticky toffee sauce (cream, butter, brown sugar) or a lightly spiced custard.

And scoff.


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